Its actually really funny to see kids enter the job force now that I am a tad bitt older. They have no idea how to stand up… This is what America has become.. If they had learn to stand up all day in a classroom while getting an education, the job force starting out would look a lot different. This is why china has ALL the jobs. This nation would be such a thriving place to be in if we were a industrial nation again. Yes, I do understand that they’re were a lot of downside to having a industrialized nation. Things like computers and video games can help in some ways, but, it really doesn’t give us a backbone to really structure what work does physically or mentally. D game is weak.



impeach obama, hahahaha, you funny.

When doves cry

This whole suggestion “follow” thing on tumblr is lame.

Probably should get rid of this tumblr account. Just saying.

In the year 2028, if slavery in the united states became legal again and if the “slave class” were white americans, would you opt to buy and own slaves? Keep in my monica foster is also suggesting the “one drop rule” apply.

Keep your children and teens away from pornographers and their families - a Monica Foster warning

Yes, she is talking about segregation, but she is talking about carrier segregation, not racial though.